Urban Sundry Cool

Urban Sundry Pic

Yeah, that’s right, we’ve coined a new phrase that describes a new level of cool- Urban Sundry Cool. It’s all about knowing what’s essential and what’s not. A de-cluttering of crap so to speak. There’s so much out there- too much out there. Why should you just roll over for the fancy shmancy ad exec team of… Continue Reading »

The Suit Candle- Sophistication Redefined


Meet the Suit Candle, by Urban Sundry- a most distinguished and sophisticated blend with notes of vetiver, coriander, sandalwood, tobacco and cedar. This masculine candle oozes sexy while maintaining a timeless, dignified edge. The Suit Candle is the oversized button down shirt she wears to feel close while he’s away. It’s the guy who walks in and… Continue Reading »

Femme Candle February

Boheme Femme Candle

February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle, and there’s something special in the air. Yes, there’s love of course, but there should also be the intoxicating fragrance of the Femme Candle, a scent from our Bohème Candle Collection. It’s a sexy, intricate, beautifully feminine blend with notes of soothing chamomile, sage, subtle… Continue Reading »

Experience DUO

Cedarwood & Amber DUO Candle

Each unique ceramic DUO vessel is handmade locally with traditional materials: clay, a few simple tools and lead-free glazes. Allowing the maker’s hands to breathe life into the work with its physicality and imperfection, the collection celebrates the innate organic nature of clay itself. The repurposing of our unique DUO candle vessels is encouraged for… Continue Reading »